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          CUMMINS' visit to Hefei Hengxin
          Published:2020-10-07 Be read 75 Times

          CUMMINS' visit to Hefei Hengxin

          On September 24th, 2020, our customer CUMMINS which is a global provider of high-speed high-horsepower engines and power generation equipment, visited Hefei Hengxin's Headquarter and factory, seeking a long term strategic cooperation in diversified areas.

          In a two days visit, the specialists from CUMMINS group audited the performance of various functional department including production, quality control, project management, finance ability etc. And CUMMINS has come out with a very satisfactory assessment of Hefei Hengxin's ability as one of its supplier.

          Hefei Hengxin will continue to improve its ability to meet the increasing demanding criteria from customers such as CUMMINS.



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