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                  Formally established in 2007, Hefei Hengxin Powertrain Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier mainly specialized in manufacturing of plastic engine components such as intake manifolds, valve chamber covers, oil pans, oil and gas separators, temperature control modules & so on. Hefei Hengxin was awarded National High-tech Enterprise in 2014. There are 2 productions bases with nearly 200 employees. Baohe Industrial Zone base covers an area of 80 acres with a production area of 18,000 ㎡, and the Feixi Taohua Industrial Zone base covers an area of 100 acres with a production area of 30,000㎡. The Feixi Taohua Industrial Zone base has been putting into use since March 2018. 
                  Hengxin has been appointed as contractor of Anhui Automotive Key Part Plasticization Technology Research Center and provincial high-tech enterprise by Anhui Science and Technology Department, and our products have been nominated as high-tech products. Served as the company's technological R & D and new projects base, the center has been approved by the local government.
                  The company takes great focus on technical innovations. We have applied to China’s State Intellectual Property Bureau for 20 patents in the area of PAIM and plastic covers since July of 2007, including 8 patents of invention and 12 patents of new utility, among which 13 have been granted patents.
                  Dr Chen , an overseas returnee and deputy general manager of the company,  is in charge of Hengxin’s technical work . Taking Anhui Automotive Key Part Plasticization Technology Research Center as base, Hengxin has established the top level design team in China with over 50 innovative senior technicians.
                  Hengxin is the first professional manufacturer in China that successfully developed and produce PAIM and VIS PAIM in high volumes. In particular, the top-down design variable plastic intake manifold for Chery's E4G16 Engine, of which the fuel consumption is 14% lower than that prescribed by National III Standard. Max. torque is 160Nm/3900rpm,max. power is 93kW/6150rpm.
                  Mercury Marine is a member of the Brunswick Corporation, world leader in the marine propulsion, yachts and technology. We have been exporting our products to US Mercury for many years.
                  In addition, we have 3 production workshops, with 28 sets of 2100T to 130T precision injection machines, with dehumidifiers & temperature control units and 18 sets of imported vibration friction welding machines, 26 sets of on line comprehensive air leak test machines, 23 sets of hot insert machines, 27 sets of cold insert machines, 4 sets of ultrasonic welding machines, 3 sets of rotary welding machine,1 set of laser welding machine, 1 set of infrared welding machine. The workshops are equipped with complete system of power distribution, cooling facility and central air pressure system.
                  In order to further enhance our quality management level and offer globally better services to world-class OEMs, we have recruited a quality expert from Europe who has years  of experiences in global OEM industry.
                  Company has obtained ISO/TS16949 certificate in November 2008,and also the ISO14001:2004 certificate in Dec 2012.
                  We have a central laboratory which is capable of conducting tests for most  products during development and production period, including 2 sets of three-coordinate measuring machine, image measurement Instrument, electric furnace, melt flow Indexer, air leak test machine, high temperature chamber, low temperature chamber, large climate alternate test machine, fatigue tester for variable intake manifold, triple-function burst test equipment, salt spray chamber, falling ball impact tester, universal testing machine,cold shock test equipment, pull force test equipment, cleanliness tester, separation efficiency test bed, pressure drop test bed, manifold pressure drop tester, high speed blasting tester,PCV valve comprehensive experiment tester, pressure pulsaton tester, vibration tester, fatigue tester for active oil separator, dynamic balance test bench, action &reaction force tester for gasket, concentricity meter, liquid leak test machine, removable oil separation efficiency test equipment, inspection and test facilities for test & validation equipments,  eletrical performance validaton,  withstand environment performance  of engineering pump etc.
                  Hefei Hengxin currently has become the registered supplier of Volvo Car Corporation, Daimler Benz, General Motors, US Mercury, SAIC, Shanghai General Motors,  Chery, DFM, Geely Auto, China FAW Group, JAC, BAIC, WeiChai Power, Yuchai, Jiangxi ISUZU, Foton, Anhui Cummins, Sany Heavy Industry, Zotye Automobile, Luxgen, Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power, Changfeng Powertrain, Dongfeng- Yulon,  Dongfeng-Fuji-Thomson, Dongfeng Motor, XCE, Brilliance Auto, Mercury Marine , and also extended extensive business contacts with many automobile manufacturers, including Volkswagen, BYD, Toyota and Tata etc. Part of our independently developed products have been exported to US & Europe for many years and have won great reputation for high quality .

          Marketing Values:
                  Customer values creation with high quality vs price ratio products and services.
          Customer-Focus Mindset:
                  We are committed to reply to our customer upon any request in a timely manner during launching and production phase and offer on-site support within 24 hours.
          Supply chain Competence:
                  Long term strategy partnership with BASF,DUPONT & LANXESS.
          Technical Competence:
                  Strong top down design capability for plastic intake manifold and cam cover from product design, CAE analysis, tooling and fixtures design. Over ten manifolds and cam covers are in mass production already, especially the variable plastic intake manifold has reached world top level with over two hundred thousand pieces production.

          Development Strategy:
          International Strategy: To be a first-class automotive component supplier.
          Specialization Strategy: Specialized in development and manufacturing of plastic components.
          Brand Strategy: To build our brand with excellent quality.


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